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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

It is soooo exciting to attend car shows and see the interest in these custom made Cobras! We have expanded our building facility to accommodate the demand for people's unique requests for their Dream Car! We can custom make whatever your heart desires :)

So many people have been telling us that they have always wanted something like these awesome cars.... Especially those who just need a "break"... Those who are now retired and want something fun to drive... Or children of those retired parents who want to give back to their parents who have given so much of their lives. We have a heart to please our customers and make their lives a little more fun and enjoyable when you have time in your busy schedules!

I have found it personally enjoyable to talk with young people who stop by and ask about the Cobras! What an amazing and fulfilling journey this has become! Please let us know if you have a dream.... Or any questions.... We would love to talk to you about your dream car and make it come true!

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